Friday, December 28, 2007

First post for World Today.

I'm sorry that the subject I chose may not be that interesting to some of you but I'm sure that the other half would be very keen to know about some of the world's recent news and progress be it in any subject (politics, education, environment, etc). So, from now on, I will be in charge for posting news and information on the blog about recent news from all four corners of the world. I am very happy to be able to deliver the latest news and hot topics to all of you and will be much happier if I can get feedbacks and suggestion about interesting global topics or news that some of you would want to share with others. For any feedbacks or suggestion from my post, please feel free to contact me through my e-mail, I cant wait to post the latest news to all of you and belive me, it will come very soon. ;) See all of you on my next post.


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