Sunday, November 8, 2009

IMTIAZ 327 reunion

Still in the planning stage, but i thought you guys should know.
Below are the planned details:

Date: December 26, 2009.

Location: KL [as in kuala lumpur, not kuala lipis] :PP

Agenda: Lunch [we need numbers of people who might come, so we can decide whether we need to book for a restaurant or not]

Budget: n.a. We're still not sure but maybe it'll be around 45 and below, depending on which restaurant and type of food you guys want to have.

I have posted a note on facebook regarding the reunion. So if you want to give a feedback regarding this matter, please do so in facebook. If you dont have a facebook account, dont hesitate to e-mail me your feedbacks and suggestions at If you still havent add me in facebook, please do so by searching my fb site using my gmail account.

Hope to hear from you guys soon. Thank you. ;]