Tuesday, December 30, 2008


assalamualaikum...saje nk mengisi mase kat blog niyh...tkot mati lak blog niyh nnt...ekekeke~

Andaikan korang ade sorang kawan. Kawan korang ini selalu cakap besar dan tidak ade ramai kawan. Kadang- kadang korang rasa kesian jugak kat dia. Bagaimana korang dapat menolongnya?

Orang yang bercakap besar,biasanya kerana dia merasa rendah diri atau tidak mempunyai keyakinan diri. Kita mesti menerangkan kepada kawan kita yang perbuatannya menyebabkan kawan-kawan lain tidak menyukainya. Orang lain akan menghormatinya sekiranya dia menghormati orang lain.

Kawan amat penting dalam kehidupan. Tanpa mereka, adakah kita gembira??? Mungkin ade di antara kita niyh yg suke bersendirian...xtwula kan... Apa2 pun, berkawanlah sebagaimana yang dituntut dalam Islam…

p/s:mntak maap byk2 klw ade yg terguris..cume mengingatkan jea...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Women's Aurat ; What has happened ?


Ust Hj Zaharuddin Hj Abd Rahman

One day I was giving a talk to a group of professional Muslimah. The topic of a Muslim lady held in custody for dressing indecently in a nightclub was a hot issue back then. Consequently, there was a discussion on woman's right to wear any attire she likes, including indecent outfits. During the talk, I therefore took the chance to ask a few simple questions to the audience:

"Why would a woman wear indecent attire in public? For example short skirts with tight or see-through dresses?"

Some of them started to share their opinions. Nevertheless, as too many were talking at the same time; I could not hear any clear responds. I therefore asked for a representative to share her opinion. A lady stood up and answered confidently:

"To look beautiful of course..." She responded with a bashful smile.

"Perhaps to whom is this beauty being addressed?" I probed further.

"Of course to the males ustaz, and maybe to other women too...." She continued.

"In that case, if a man is attracted to the beauty and would like to touch the "beautiful" parts he saw, would that be allowed then?" I asked to test.

"Certainly not...That is considered as a sexual harassment ustaz" she replied with poise.

"I see. Then, don't women feel that wearing indecent attires and displaying their beauty is also a form of sexual harrasment to the males?" I contested.

" would that be the case ustaz?" They asked with a puzzle.

"Just imagine, when a man looks at a woman displaying her thigh for example, he may be sexually aroused. If he could not channel his sexual desires, isn't that a form of harrasment to him? That's why I say, a woman wearing indecent attires in public is a sexual harrasment to the surrounding males...."

The crowd was silent, analyzing what I had just said.

"Just like a hungry cat being lured with fresh fish in front of it. If you don't give the cat the fish, it will be annoyed and may even attack the person enticing it," I added.

"Nonetheless, one has to bear in mind that not all cats will act like described above; only those starving wild cats will. The same goes with males; not all males fail to control their sexual desire when looking at indecently dressed women although there are still many out there who fail to do so." I continued.

"The indecently dressed woman may not be harrased because she was in public and the surrounding does not allow for him to fulfill his desires. Consequently, this wild cat would find other victims to channel his desires. Small innocent children may become his target. In this state of mind, a woman properly covered, a small child or an old lady would not make much difference to the starving wild cat. As long as the timing and the place are right, he will try to get what he has desired for with force." I explained in detail. The audience was nodding, agreeing with me.

In fact, let us think together; do women truly believe that if they are in the presence of the Prophet SAW today, he would be smiling? If not, what is the possibility for them to obtain the syafa'at of the Prophet on the Day of Judgment? It is very true that an indecently dressed woman, due to her appealing appearance, may get man's attention. This pleasure, however, is only temporal and fake. In fact, it would not, in any event, add to any value to the eternal life we will traverse after death, except for a more severe punishment. In reality, the way the righteous Arab women who cover themselves properly today may perhaps serve as an indication to the type of attires being worn by Muslimah during the time of the Prophet, which was, without a doubt, pleasing to the Prophet SAW. Don't women nowadays, love to please the Prophet as well?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Islam itu menjaga kita

Kita perlu merenung kembali diri kita setiap hari agar sentiasa berada dalam landasan yang benar. Cuba kita renungkan kembali siapa diri kita dan dari mana asal kita. Semua antara kita percaya bahawa kita dan seluruh umat manusia berasal dari keturunan nabi adam alaihissalam. Allah menciptakan manusia selepas nabi adam dan hawwa’ dari setitis air mani. Allah menciptakan kita semua hanya atas dua tujuan utama iaitu untuk beribadah kepadaNYA dan menjadi khalifah dimuka bumi. Allah yang merupakan maha pencipta, yang telah menciptakan manusia sudah semestinya dan pasti baginya mengetahui yang terbaik bagi makhluk ciptaannya. Maka dengan itu Allah telah menurunkan dinul islam sebagai satu syariat dan panduan bagi manusia menjalaani kehidupan dengan cara yang terbaik. Bagi menyampaikan islam, diutuskan para rasul dan nabi dan diwahyukan kepada sebilangan antara mereka kitab-kitab dan hukum-hukum syara’. Maka hendaklah kita sedar bahawa yang terbaik bagi manusia adlah dengan menjalani kehidupan menurut garis panduan yang telah ditetapkan oleh Allah melalui kitab dan utusannya. Dengan kata lain agama islam itu adalah cara hidup yang terbaik buat seluruh umat manusia. Malangnya kini, manusia lebih-lebih lagi umat islam yang mengucap dua kalimah syahadah sendiri tidak yakin dan malu untuk mengikut cara hidup yang telah ditetapkan oleh Pencipta diri mereka sendiri. Saudara-saudaraku, sedarlah kita bahawa kita ini ciptaannya yang amat lemah dan hanya Allah mengetahui apa yang terbaik buat kita. Kembalilah kepada cara hidup islam yang paling tepat dan benar. Janganlah takut dan malu untuk melaksanakan cara hidup yang paling benar untuk umat manusia. Bertakwalah kita kepada Allah, dan sesungguhnya orang yang bertakwa itu adalah orang-orang yang Berjaya didunia dan akhirat. Moga Allah memberikan hidayahNya kepada kita semua..insyaAllah..aamin

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