Monday, October 26, 2009

Window 7, get it if you are using Vista. (you know how sucks Vista is)

see for yourself. :) it's still in beta but the beta version is much more satisfying compared to the stable version of vista. thank god i don't have to use vista anymore.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Canada's Human Rights Abuses Exposed

anada Park in Israel is famous for its namesake Canada and it is best known for being built by funds to the tune of 15 million dollars that were contributed by Canadians donors among them the Metropolitan Toronto Police Organization for the building of this park on the former Palestinian villages of Yalu, Imwas and Beit Nuba and the Palestinians who were expelled from their homes for this purpose. Today it stands as one of the best examples of the Canadian government's complacency in regards to human rights abuses in other countries as well as its own and should be mentioned whenever the issue of human rights is brought up such as in this government's attempt to build its own human rights museum. The park is also famous for the fact that it lies outside of the internationally recognized borders of Israel and whole Palestinian villages were demolished for the building of this park where the displaced Palestinian villagers were gathered up and placed elsewhere. The Canadian government contribution to other human rights abuses in these other countries as well. The Congo Honduras Somalia Iraq and Afghanistan should also be remembered.

Say No! to Canada building a museum dedicated to Human Rights!

just another info that i want to share with u guys.

and i heard that there will be a tsunami that will hit Penang late this year, is it true? i heard it from my friend that went to the Islamic gathering recently.