Friday, December 28, 2007

Benazir Bhutto's death

Benazir Bhutto was shot at the chest and neck. Later, a bomb blew up and killed another 20 people around her car after she finished her rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, yesterday. Some of you might not know who this Benazir is but she was a former Prime Minister for Pakistan (1988-1990 and 1993-1996). She was the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan and of any Muslim countries.

During serving her term as the PM, she was alleged for bribery and stealing the governments money. But some of the political viewers believed that her husband, Asif Zardari, was the one who's responsible for the charges. Apparently, both she and her husband was not allowed to live in Pakistan. Her husband in the other hand was imprisoned until he was released in 2004 and joined Benazir with their children who at the time lives in Dubai.

In her political career, Benazir was a sworn enemy of Pervez Musharraf, never agreed to the good terms he applied with the white house. On the earlier days of Musharraf in his political career, he was ally with Washington in their campaign on the war against terrorist. After e fer years in the campaign however, Musharraf started to realize that this act has started to take its toll on his political career among the Pakistanis. So, he decided to back off from Washington. This is when the crisis started. After a long exile, Benazir started to become popular in the political back in Pakistan again. She and another opposition, Nawaz started to move in with Washington. Aggreing to be in good terms with Washiongton in their war against terrorist. Benazir even allowed the International Atomic Energy Agency to disgraced nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan to probe his role in nuclear proliferation, and allow American troops to enter the Pakistani hinderland to take out al-Qaeda.

But, then Benazir had diferent ways with Nawaz in order to take down Musharraf in their fight to restore democracy in Pakistan because we all know that Musharraf, as the president, was a definite dictator. Musharraf knew the stir going on between Nawaz and Benazir, so he offered Benazir to join alliance with him in order to keep himself still in the presidential seat. Benazir's supporters were horrified with the news that she is coming home to Pakistan despite the assassination threats she has been receiving. After she arrived, she was nearly killed in a bomb explotion on their way from the airport in Karachi. She told CNN that she would risk her life in order to bring democracy back to her country. A few days before Benazir's assassination, 4 of Nawaz's supporters were also killed in a rally for the upcoming election.

So, all incidents should have been led to Musharraf as the one who is responsible for Benazir's assassination. But if you think back, this would have just been a plot to take Musharraf down so that the people will hate him and the vote will go down. In my opinion, this case is still not clear enough. Maybe it could also be Nawaz, as he survived the attack while 4 of his people killed, and also the fact that Benazir was ready to go on agreement with Musharraf's side. But, we should never be judgemental in this case because the proof is still insufficient and the authorities are still running investigation on who is responsible in the assassination. There are also claims that the work was done by Al-Qaeda. The source of the claim was apparently an obscure Italian news agency, Adnkronos International (AKI) . One Islamist Web site repeated the claim, but that Web site is not considered a reliable source for Islamist messages by experts in the field. On all, Al-Qaeda cant also be blamed for this assassination.

I believe that this is all i can comment on for this time. But I'll make sure that the next time I receive new infos I will be writing posts back on the blog. Until next time, salam.